Fedde De Waal

Position: Group Project Manager
Started: July 2004 for Remeha; July 2011 for De Dietrich; July 2013  for Group Role

When I started at Remeha, I was a product engineer. I liked the job and it was an important phase in my career because I learned a lot about the Company, the products and the way of working.

I became lead engineer, representing the engineering department in the project team and coordinating the engineering activities for the projects I was working on. The key to success was communication with the other technical departments, procurement, product management and manufacturing.

I did several courses to improve my technical knowledge and product management skills. Remeha asked me to start managing projects and to become team leader of the product engineering department. This double role was pretty interesting; on a project, you work to particular target, so you have to react straightaway to new situations, risks or issues. The role as team leader means you have to look further forward, and try to help people with projects and self–development.

I returned to the Netherlands to start a new job as Group project manager for BDR Thermea. I’m working on several strategic projects, collaborating with many people across the Group on interesting and important products.

"I wanted more international experience and I got the chance to work for a few years for De Dietrich as project manager in France."

Every project is different, and working with different people at different sites makes my job very interesting. It’s always exciting to work on new products; you start with almost nothing and work with the business to grow it from a rough idea to a tangible product. It’s great to actually see a product for the first time and to see it successfully introduced to the market, knowing that you were able to contribute to this new development.

BDR Thermea has always supported my personal development by making it possible to do courses and, importantly, by motivating and supporting me in different roles. This is what makes BDR Thermea a very interesting employer to work for.