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The energy transition is part of our strategy and we believe heat pumps is one of the products that can perfectly answer it.

Facilitating the energy transition is part of our strategy and we believe heat pumps can play an important role in reducing the carbon footprint of residential and commercial heating and cooling. We developed our Heat Pumps Competence Centre - BDU in 2018 to meet this challenge and  all our efforts are devoted to this clear purpose: to get our planet cleaner by lowering our CO2 emission for our generation and the next ones. We want to offer our products that help to build a better future for the planet, be at the heart of innovation, provide the best in class tools for the end users and our installers.

Skills and expertise

Experts in heat pump technology

Our Heat Pumps competence centre has attracted engineers from diverse backgrounds to work on our pioneering heat pump solutions.

With skills in acoustic, aeraulic, thermodynamic and Al technologies, their combined expertise makes the Heat Pumps Competence Centre a true centre of excellence, dedicated to the highest quality standards. And it is more than a centre of engineering!  

To do so, we have built a multidisciplinary team meaning that we have enrolled product and project managers for the product development, procurement to be more efficient on our raw materials selection, and quality to assure our products are certified and conformed to every markets requirements.

In this highly skilled team, we are working together to achieve the challenges of the energy transition.

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