Our History

In 1684

Jean Dietrich purchases the Jaegerthal Forge

In 1866

Richard Baxendale establishes the foundry which becomes Baxi (UK)

In 1917

Start of Compañia Roca Radiadores in Barcelona, Spain

In 1919

Foundation of Broetje by August Broetje in Rastede, Germany

In 1925

Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete in Bassana del Grappa by the Western family, Italy

In 1935

Establishment van Reekum's Metaal Handel, Remeha, The Netherlands

In 2000

Creation of Baxi Group through merger of Newmond PLC and Baxi Holdings PLC (UK)

In 2002

Baxi Group acquires European Fuel Cell, now Baxi Innotech

In 2004

Remeha acquires De Dietrich Thermique

In 2005

Baxi Group acquires Roca Heating (Spain)

In 2009

De Dietrich Remeha Group and Baxi Group form BDR Thermea

In 2011

Major participation in Baymak (Turkey)
Increased participation in Microgen Engine Corporation

In 2015

BDR Thermea acquires ECR International (United States)

Our history dates back more than 300 years to 1684, when Jean Dietrich bought the Jaegerthal forge in France. That was the start of the De Dietrich company – which remains one of our family of market-leading brands to this day. Over the centuries, we have grown to become a global powerhouse of local brands. BDR Thermea Group in its current form was created in 2009 through the merger of De Dietrich, Remeha Group and Baxi Group.