About us


BDR Thermea Group has a long history of bringing innovative and ground breaking products to market. 

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We make considerable capital investment in research and development resources, focusing on energy saving and low carbon technologies. At BDR Thermea Group we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative products, and to do so we involve our customers and suppliers in our research and design process. We value strong relationships to innovate together inside our supply chain as well as outside with partners in the community and knowledge centres. Strong relationships help us innovate together in our business and with stakeholders in in knowledge centres and the communities in which we operate.

We are always working on continuous improvement, reliability and the innovation of components and products to increase quality and make life easier for installers. We aim to minimise our effect on the environment by managing the complete product lifecycle.

Research and Development

The strong research and development platform and the financial strength of BDR Thermea Group provide the opportunity to confirm and build on our leadership in the heating industry. In addition to manufacturing high efficiency boilers, we are committed to developing new heating, cooling, energy and air solutions that can play a major role in tackling climate change.

Considerable investment in an international network of Centres of Excellence across Europe helps the Group to stay at the cutting edge of innovation across all technologies. This means that, as well as enhancing the heating systems of today, we are developing solutions to meet the sustainable, economic and legislative requirements for future generations. We have a network of 11 Centres of Excellence, each with different competences, in seven countries across Europe. They work closely together to share knowledge and regional expertise to deliver the best quality comfort care to our customers.