About us


At BDR Thermea Group, we innovate constantly. We have 12 R&D centres on three continents, all committed to delivering products that suit the needs of end-users, building owners and installers. We have a long history of bringing innovative products to market.

Hydrogen and Heat Pump

We are at the forefront of the energy transition. We are developing ground-breaking technologies such as high-efficiency hydrogen boilers and future-proof products, solutions, systems and services such as heat pumps. These will help drive down carbon emissions and accelerate the global shift towards fully sustainable energy carriers.  

We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to make the energy transition a reality. Brilliant ideas are no use unless they work in practice. So we are focusing on reducing noise levels in our heat pumps, for example, and launching a smaller-sized heat pump that can fit inside a kitchen cabinet. Innovations such as our commissioning wizard are making it quicker and easier for installers to install heat pumps, including during the construction of new build homes.

BDR Thermea Group is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to hydrogen  We were the first to launch a high efficiency, 100%-hydrogen boiler in a real life setting, working closely with others such as utilities and gas grid providers, building owners and local governments. We were the first company in the Netherlands to receive certification for the use of hydrogen admixture in domestic boilers. And we are involved in the Hy4Heat project in the UK, a gateway to future pure hydrogen applications.  

Digital and connected 

The energy transition requires a technological revolution. We are helping shape that revolution by creating smart solutions: connected, intelligent, easy-to-use tools and services that offer energy efficiency and excellent customer experiences.

Our digital innovations include smart fill, where the heating system’s pressure is automatically optimised. The end-user is informed about the pressure and any leaks via a smart app.

Product connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) are opening the door to new services and customer experiences such as connected thermostats, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

With a clear IoT infrastructure, we are already bringing to market various connected solutions such as the connected room unit, which enables end-users to control their comfort via smartphone. For years, we have offered predictive maintenance in the Dutch market, allowing installers to deliver superior service to their customers, and enabling end-users to enjoy reliably warm homes and hot water.

We have invested heavily in IoT architecture and are scaling up our value proposition development based on our IoT capability. For instance, we are testing remote monitoring applications in the UK so we can maximise this technology’s value to installers and end-users.

Our products are usually part of a larger system or combination of heat generators, so we invest in products that can operate easily in combination with each other, such as boilers that easily work in a hybrid situation with a heat pump.



Research and Development

The strong research and development platform and the financial strength of BDR Thermea Group provide the opportunity to confirm and build on our leadership in the heating industry. In addition to manufacturing high efficiency boilers, we are committed to developing new heating, cooling, energy and air solutions that can play a major role in tackling climate change.

Considerable investment in an international network of Centres of Excellence across Europe helps the Group to stay at the cutting edge of innovation across all technologies. This means that, as well as enhancing the heating systems of today, we are developing solutions to meet the sustainable, economic and legislative requirements for future generations. We have a network of 11 Centres of Excellence, each with different competences, in seven countries across Europe. They work closely together to share knowledge and regional expertise to deliver the best quality comfort care to our customers.