BDR Thermea Group receives first hydrogen certification in the Netherlands for its domestic boilers

21 November 2019

Apeldoorn, 21 November 2019 – BDR Thermea Group, a leading manufacturer of smart thermal comfort solutions, has become the first company in the Netherlands to receive certification for the use of hydrogen admixture in domestic boilers.

Kiwa, the independent testing, inspection and certifying body, has approved BDR Thermea Group’s range of Remeha domestic gas boilers in the Netherlands for up to 20 percent hydrogen admixture. Adding hydrogen from renewable sources into the natural gas supply is expected to reduce carbon emissions by around 8 percent, and so contribute to the energy transition.

Peter Snel, Chief Technology Officer at BDR Thermea Group, says: “Adding hydrogen into the blend is a significant step towards decarbonising domestic heating. Producing thermal energy from a mix of natural gas and hydrogen is a relatively simple way to take a big stride in cutting carbon emissions. The Kiwa certification means our Remeha residential boiler range in the Netherlands is now cleared for the use of up to 20 percent hydrogen - without the need for any changes to the existing equipment.”

There is growing interest in hydrogen use for domestic heating appliances in the Netherlands and across Europe, for both small-scale projects and large pilots. BDR Thermea Group is currently testing the first real-life application of a 100% hydrogen boiler in Rozenburg, the Netherlands. Here, pure hydrogen from renewable energy sources is being distributed via a dedicated gas grid, allowing boilers to provide heating and hot water to a dozen homes with zero carbon emissions.

The company is exploring various projects in Europe using both hydrogen admixtures and pure hydrogen. It is looking into certification of more existing products, as well as new products across its brand portfolio in Europe.