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Commercial boilers

BDR Thermea Group is the European market leader for commercial boilers, providing heating and hot water for all types of commercial buildings.

Throughout Europe, the most popular way to provide central heating and hot water for all types of commercial buildings, such as schools, hotels, offices, hospitals and even large apartment blocks, is by using a specially designed commercial boiler. Commercial boilers can run on natural gas, liquid petroleum gas or oil. Increasingly, they are being combined with low carbon technologies, such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Types of commercial boilers 

  • Traditionally, floor standing boilers are used. However, for smaller commercial buildings, space saving wall hung boilers may be suitable.

  • It is very common to use more than one boiler in multiple or cascade format in a plant room. This system means that the increased heating and hot water needs of a large building can be met, and it is also capable of providing a standby facility.

  • As well as providing the heating, a boiler can be used to meet the building's hot water requirements using an indirect hot water storage tank or calorifier, a device that heats the water by circulating it over heating coils. Alternatively, where hot water demand is high, for example a hotel, a separate direct water heater system may be used and the boilers used for heating only.

  • Commercial boilers can be either conventional or condensing.