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Solar thermal

BDR Thermea Group manufactures a wide range of solar thermal solutions, which harness free energy from the sun to provide hot water.

A solar thermal domestic hot water system harnesses free energy from the sun to heat up water for use in the home. It can provide up to 60 per cent of the home's annual hot water requirements.

Types of products 

  • Solar collectors. These can be flat plate collectors that are installed on an existing roof (on-roof collectors) or built into the roof structure during construction or major refurbishment (in-roof collectors). Evacuated collectors offer premium performance in cloudy conditions and complete siting flexibility,  as they can be mounted on any surface including facades and flat roofs.

  • Solar hot water cylinder. The solar hot water cylinder has a special solar heating coil in addition to the standard coil, which is bigger than the standard coil to absorb as much heat as possible. BDR Thermea Group manufactures a wide range of solar cylinders made of enameled steel or stainless steel, according to the preferences of each market.

  • Solar controller. The solar controller includes all the components that are needed to transfer the heat from the solar collectors to the domestic hot water system in the most efficient way. It can also manage supplementary water heating when required, via a boiler or electric immersion heater