Adding business value from day one

About to complete your university degree and considering the BDR Thermea International Graduate Programme? Read on to learn more about this two-year scheme. 

In the first year, you’ll do four individual assignments that add value to the business, one of them abroad. Matched to your interests, skills and knowledge, these will enable you to explore different roles and areas of expertise, acquaint you with how we work, and build your network. 

You’ll work with your fellow graduates on a joint strategic project, too, delivering your findings and recommendations to the Management Board. 

In your second year, you’ll be placed in a function within the organisation. Throughout the programme, you’ll receive on-the job-training, coaching and the opportunity to consult a mentor.

Our International Graduate Programme covers research & development; procurement; quality; health, safety & environment; IT; and marketing. 



Laura Tudorie joined the Group as a technology graduate in 2017

“I had freedom inside the company and this helped me learn a lot about myself and what I like working on. Being trusted and being given the ownership of different projects made me become more responsible and more focused,” she says.

“This is a very international programme. I started working in an international team from day one. I also travelled to different European BDR Thermea Group sites and worked in our business unit in Italy. This enabled me to see new technologies being developed across the Group and to become more adaptable when working internationally. “In less than a year, I had many enriching experiences both from a technical and personal point of view."

Laura currently works at BDR Thermea Group as R&D engineer.