Baxi Spain & Portugal participates in the production of assisted respirators and other sanitary materials to collaborate in the fight against COVID-19

The fight to stop the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has led our colleagues in Spain to take action. R&D personnel and factory workers of our solar panel factory have embarked on various initiatives to produce health devices, which are both necessary and scarce at the moment. 

It is a pride to be able to share these events with all of you, so we want to send you this message as several initiatives are still developing rapidly.

Without a doubt, one of the most relevant initiatives is the assembly of assisted respirators. 
These are assisted respirators, without electronic regulation, on the production line of our factory. The Waterologies water treatment technology company from Igualada, Spain, an area very affected by the epidemic, is the coordinator of the project. At Baxi, we made our R&D and operations capabilities available for assembly.  

A respirator requires about 10 hours of work. At the moment we have produced 12 units. With our contribution, we believe that we can deliver 12 more respirators, which Waterologies will make available to hospitals. This respirator works on is the OxyGEN M model (version 5) and is designed by Protofy (a Spanish start-up from Barcelona), which has also developed the respirator that SEAT is currently producing. Our respirator is awaiting approval by government authorities, like many others from multiple initiatives and communities of 3D makers. Some hospitals are already ordering these respirators in the absence of authorized ones, also participating in the tests.  

We will continue reporting on the evolution of this project, as well as other initiatives that we are carrying out to collaborate in the fight against this pandemic. We are now also prototyping 3D prints for visors and components of respiratory face masks.  

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