BDR Thermea  Group brings sustainable solutions within everyone’s reach

 At BDR Thermea Group, we are committed to taking sustainable heating systems into more homes. On our path to a more sustainable future, we are breaking down the barriers that slow the energy transition down. We know that to decarbonise heating and cooling of homes, practicality and affordability are key. 


We already offer products like our hybrid heating systems that allow end-users to easily make the switch to a more sustainable energy supply. Now, we also want to make this switch easier on the pocket, which is why we’re collaborating in a financial scheme designed to encourage more consumers towards hybrid systems, while also giving them peace of mind over service and maintenance.

An example of this is underway in the Netherlands, where our Remeha business has joined forces with Dutch scale-up econic. Together, they are making our Elga Ace hybrid heating system available to rent in the Netherlands.

Econic aims to remove some of the financial barriers towards making homes more sustainable. It invests in energy systems and then rents them out via a subscription service. As part of its new Remeha partnership, econic aims to make 40,000 homes more sustainable in the next few years – in part due to our Elga Ace.


Collaborations like this are an essential part of our journey to creating a sustainable future for everyone, one that should be affordable for everyone too

Arthur van Schayk  |Remeha's Managing Director