BDR Thermea Group ramps up heat pump production to meet rising market demand

Investing in new production lines in the Netherlands and Italy; scaling up heat pump production in France and Spain


Opening new production lines

BDR Thermea Group is scaling up its heat pump production to meet fast-growing consumer demand for sustainable and energy-efficient heating solutions. Rising gas prices and concerns about energy security are accelerating European demand for heat pumps and hybrid solutions.

We’ll open new production lines for heat pumps at its manufacturing sites in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, and Bassano del Grappa, Italy. From July 2023, the production sites will start manufacturing heat pumps in addition to gas boilers.

We’re also scaling up capacity by 50% at our existing heat pump production sites in Mertzwiller, France, and Vilafranca del Penedès , Spain, as well as and stepping up production of hot water tanks – a key component of heat pump systems – at Istanbul in Turkey.

At BDR Thermea we aim to increase our annual heat pump production to 800,000 by 2026.

Peter Snel

“Heat pumps and hybrid solutions play a key role in the energy transition”

Peter Snel | CTO BDR Thermea Group

Elga Ace

Heat pumps and hybrid solutions play a key role in the energy transition

Peter Snel, CTO at BDR Thermea Group, says: “Heat pumps and hybrid solutions play a key role in the energy transition: they are highly efficient and offer the opportunity to decarbonise heat at the point of use. Today’s soaring gas prices and concerns over energy security are pushing demand to unprecedented levels. In recent years, we have invested in expanding our heat pump range and training installers to service these solutions. Now it’s time to scale up to keep up with demand. And as demand continues to rise, we’re already anticipating further expansion.”