BDR Thermea Group welcomes Hitecsa as deal wraps

Spanish heat pump manufacturer Hitecsa is now officially part of BDR Thermea Group, with the acquisition deal now officially completed.


"Hitecsa is a strongly customer-centric company, known for its tailor-made solutions in the commercial sector. This focus fits perfectly with our own strategic ambitions. Our combined business will enable us to serve customers even better, with innovative solutions that help them move faster in the energy transition.” 

Bertrand Schmitt | CEO BDR Thermea Group


Hitecsa cools World Duty Free store at Barcelona Airport 

As part of its commercial sector offering, Hitecsa is the air-conditioning provider for the World Duty Free store in Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport, keeping customers cool with its RXCA/RXCBA RCF units.

The RXCA/RXCBA RCF series units are packaged rooftop units with a heat recovery system. They’re specifically designed for installation on rooftops, roof terraces or other outdoor locations with distributed air treated in ducts. The high-efficiency rooftop units make use of a recovery system for both for cooling and heating. The system includes a refrigerant circuit with compressor, expansion valve, and evaporator and condenser exchangers, which transmit the thermal heat between the exhaust air-flow and the indoor ventilation air-flow.

This system is considered a better alternative to the heat recovery system specified in the RITE (Spanish Regulations on Building Heating Installations), as it’s much more efficient and effective throughout the year, whatever the outdoor temperatures. It is also more suited to shopping centres, multiplex rooms or large consumption areas.

Prior to this unit’s installation at the World Duty Free store, Hitecsa had other air-conditioning equipment in place at the airport. But the RXCA/RXCBA RCF units are more efficient, robust and can be applied to a much wider temperature range.


Hospital La Malvarrosa opts for Hitesca Kr3 Chillers

Valencia’s Hospital La Malvarrosa has chosen Hitecsa Kr3B Air-to-Water Heat Pumps, with R32 refrigerant, to provide air conditioning for its facilities, keeping staff and patients comfortable while improving the building’s energy savings.

Four units from this new range of chillers/heat pumps will provide air conditioning via their hydronic systems. These work by using water as a heat transfer fluid, alongside a low-GWP refrigerant, so increasing efficiency and adding to their climate-friendly performance. It’s worth noting that these units can be monitored remotely using the Iot CONNECT PLUS by Hitecsa. 

Hitesca supports clients throughout the air conditioning units’ lifespan, from understanding the client’s air-conditioning needs and advising on the right choice of unit, to offering the best-possible post-sale service.