Outstanding opportunities to start a professional career

Do you think young people lack attractive opportunities in the current jobs market? Think again. BDR Thermea Group strives to recruit and develop the best young talent in an engaging graduate programme. 
graduate new9

Every year, BDR Thermea welcomes a group of new young talents through the graduate programme. Participants acquire a comprehensive view of the industry in a short time, while the company gains their fresh insights.

Ten new graduates of five different nationalities joined the 2019-2020 scheme, and set about developing solutions to real-life business challenges. The programme includes four diverse individual project assignments to help them learn on the job, improve their skills and enrich their development. They also work together in a group assignment. 

Achieving their joint goal wasn't always easy. The graduates worked across four countries and six disciplines to deliver the group project. They learned to overcome cultural differences and time zone variations - and adapted to the new standard of smart working from home, completing their group assignment entirely digitally for the first time. 

The unusual circumstances created by Covid-19 didn't stop them having a positive learning experience. The graduates worked online in multidisciplinary teams, defining a common approach towards opportunities in the commercial products segment. The project resulted in a prototype which they presented to the Management Board, and which will be implemented in the future in several countries.  

Tanne Ditzel

"I valued the coaching process and the set-up of doing multiple shorter projects over the year in which you can explore different opportunities working with a multifunctional team"

Tanne Ditzel   – IT graduate 

Roy de Ruiter

 ''The programme enables you to gain international experience in a very short period of time.''

Roy de Ruiter – HSE graduate