BDR Thermea Shareholder Foundation and Remeha partner with Youth Education Fund – Boost for children and educators at Dutch primary school De Marke

The BDR Thermea Shareholder Foundation, our Remeha brand and the Youth Education Fund (Jeugd Educatie Fonds) will join forces for four-year to strengthen the knowledge and skills of children and teachers at Dutch primary school De Marke, in Apeldoorn. The financial support by the BDR Thermea Shareholder Foundation underlines our commitment to society and education. The Youth Education Fund is a Dutch foundation supporting disadvantaged children in the Netherlands.


"We believe education is very important, especially stimulating an interest in technology. As such, we are delighted to contribute to this wonderful initiative at such close quarters"

 Mariëtte Doornekamp| BDR Thermea Shareholder Foundation

Our company supports educational opportunities in the communities we operate in through the BDR Thermea Shareholder Foundation. We back initiatives that aim to expand the knowledge of future generations, encouraging motivation and learning.

"We believe education is very important, especially stimulating interest in technology. As such, we are delighted to contribute to this wonderful initiative at such close quarters," says Mariëtte Doornekamp, BDR Thermea Shareholder Foundation.
Education is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the BDR Thermea Group’s sustainability programme. 

Remeha engages with neighbours

Technology and business are crucial in helping people adapt to a fast-changing world. Through this partnership, Remeha can help De Marke school bring children into immediate contact with technology.

The children will be shown around factories on field trips, learn how they operate, and see how Remeha is organising its teams to develop sustainable products for the future.

As part of a long-term collaboration, Remeha will also donate laptops to the school, helping future generations get familiar with technology.

Inge Voncken, director of primary school De Marke: “For us, certification by the Youth Education Fund and the collaboration with Remeha mean that all our children can take part in activities that affect their education and personal development. Teachers can organise additional activities aimed at developing each student’s talents. I’m so proud we can work to achieve this with our highly committed team, thanks to the support of Remeha and the Youth Education Fund.”

Youth Education Fund (Jeugd Education Fund)

During the corona crisis, teachers saw at first hand the rising dichotomy in society, with the most vulnerable children being hardest hit. The Youth Education Fund provided 4,000 laptops to primary schools across the country in a bid to support home education during this period. Laptops to be offered by Remeha will provide additional support for the future.

Close the Gap

Close the Gap is a Belgium-based social enterprise that refurbishes used company laptops and distributes them to charities such as the Youth Education Fund. They too are delighted to play their part in this initiative.

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