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BDR Thermea hybrid solution examples

Remeha Elga ACe

Remeha Elga Ace (NL)

The Elga Ace is the hybrid heat pump with the best price/performance ratio on the Dutch market today. The Elga Ace is the only one on the market to control with OpenTherm, so that the central heating boiler never produces more heat than is necessary. The result is optimal use of the heat pump. The Remeha Elga Ace works with every brand of central heating boiler and therefore offers the solution for making existing homes more sustainable. A hybrid heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and uses it to heat the home. The central heating boiler is only switched on on extremely cold days and for heating hot tap water. This way you can save up to 70% on your gas consumption.

- Up to 70% gas use reduction
- Eligible for subsidies (NL)
- Installation within one day
- Compact dimensions of the indoor unit

Dietrich Alezio2


Hybrid solutions consisting of Air/water heat pump (outdoor unit and an indoor module) and a wall-mounted gas condensing combi boiler. Suitable for new or renovation projects, this solution allows customers to benefit from the best heating and hot water performance of a gas condensing boiler combined with a heat pump.The hybrid heat pump guarantees customers of significant savings. With a heat pump power between 4 and 8kW, it is the ideal technical and economic solution to reduce gas use, up to 70%

- Up to 70% gas use reduction
- Eligible for subsidies (France)
- Compact dimensions, easy to install