Baxi Heating UK commits to carbon neutral operations and low carbon manufacturing 

Our Baxi Heating business in the UK and Ireland has committed to making all its operations carbon neutral by 2030. It has also pledged to phase out carbon intensive heating, by ensuring every product it makes from 2025 is compatible with low carbon energy.

RD testing 100 hydrogen boiler

Baxi’s pledge coincides with the UK government’s 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, outlined by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 18 November and covering clean energy, transport, nature and innovative technologies.

Baxi Heating plays a prominent role in the residential and commercial heating market, providing heating and hot water solutions to UK homes and businesses. Its pledge places it at the heart of the ‘heating transformation’ that will be key to achieving the UK’s climate targets.

“It’s our vision to be a sustainable leader in the heating and hot water sector. We have a responsibility to tackle climate change not only for ourselves, but for future generations. This is both about the products we supply, and how we operate as a more efficient and environmentally conscious business,” said Karen Boswell, Managing Director of Baxi Heating.

Our UK business has committed to a portfolio of cleaner, greener products that will work with low carbon fuels by 2025 - either directly such as hydrogen boilers, heat pumps, smart electric water heating and heat networks, or in the form of hydrogen-ready boilers that can be converted after installation.

The heat pump will play a key role in the future technology mix 

Hydrogen and heat pumps

Currently, heating is responsible for 37% of the UK’s greenhouse gases. To decarbonise existing homes by 2050, all new heating installations must be low carbon by 2035 at the latest, according to the UK’s official climate advisor, the Climate Change Committee. New builds will require low carbon heating from the mid-2020s.

As part of its Green Industrial Plan, the UK government has committed to creating the first hydrogen-heated neighbourhood by 2023, the first village by 2025 and the first entire town by the end of the decade.


We at BDR Thermea Group intend to be at the vanguard of this mission. Baxi Heating is currently developing and testing one of the UK’s first 100% hydrogen boilers and working closely with the UK government to trial other hydrogen and low-carbon heating technologies.


Baxi recently introduced a new range of low-carbon heat pumps to its portfolio of sustainable heating products, which will be targeted towards a wide range of markets. These include new build and rural properties, supporting a UK-wide aspiration for 600,000 annual heat pump installations by 2028.

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