Unique heat pump installation in Denmark

Our ongoing mission to develop innovative, environmentally friendly ways to heat people’s homes has taken a major step forward, with De Dietrich creating a unique hybrid heating solution for a new customer in Denmark, meeting their green energy requirements while showcasing our ability to create a fit-for-purpose solution.

District Heating2

A hybrid solution

TLV Ambam wanted a hydraulic and control management system to fit with the specificities of district heating, plus a reliable and quick-to-service system that could be installed and connected in a short time to ensure the district heating could continue to run. They also wanted to raise their green profile by replacing old oil boilers with more environmentally friendly heat pumps.
“With our importer, HS Tarm, we put our heads together to think of the best solution for the customer,” says Jérôme Hoefler, De Dietrich Export Area Manager. 
“The answer was a cascaded system of heat pumps that would adjust to meet the precise heat demand. Other benefits of the cascaded system include an ability to meet a high heat load, adjust to seasonal variations, and maximise efficiencies.”
The final hybrid solution included the installation of 30 HPIs of 27 kW each in a cascade of 6 x 5 units, with a total capacity of 810 kW (HP), complemented by a 900 kW biomass boiler in backup (2 x 450 kW).
“To be able to compete against large output heat pumps, that we’re not able to provide, we had to offer something different and tailormade for the customer,” says Hans Martin Sørensen, Managing Director of HS TARM. “Building a huge cascade with heat pumps – not in a boiler room but in a heat pump container – was unusual,” he says. “And as this solution was unique, we had to sell the idea and its benefits to the customer.”

"The answer was a cascaded system of heat pumps that would adjust to meet the precise heat demand. "

Jérôme Hoefler | De Dietrich Export Area Manager.