BDR Thermea Group supports French homebuilder with all-inclusive heat pump solution

At BDR Thermea Group, we strive to make the adoption of heat pumps easier with specialised services for our customers. This means providing them with the most efficient and reliable products, and supporting them with great service over the lifetime of the product.

Booa Houses

A new example of this solutions-led approach is in France, where we recently signed an agreement with the modular homebuilder Booa to not only supply the heat pumps for its building projects, but also to install and maintain them.

Booa builds its modular homes at a factory in the Alsace region, designing them so they can be assembled on site in just one day. Through an all-inclusive agreement with Booa, our brand De Dietrich supplies our new plug-and-play STRATEO heat pump as an integrated part of the modular home design, with our service provider Serv’Elite looking after installation and maintenance for the first two years. 


"We continuously strive to make our offering more attractive and complete, and this example of a plug-and-play heat pump solution, followed up by expert service and maintenance, shows that approach in action. Service plays an essential role in making our brands first choice for our customers"

Julien Rodet | Key Account National Manager Individual Housebuilders


Thanks to the STRATEO’s hydraulic quick-connection plate, the heat pump can quickly and easily be installed at the end of the building process. This just-in-time installation means there’s no need to leave valuable equipment on site during the build, as it can be delivered immediately before fitting.

Another benefit of this way of working is that our customers don’t have to look for plumbers with the skills to install and configure heat pumps correctly. As these specialised plumbers are in short supply, they can cause a delay in the process. With our all-inclusive solution, a less specialised plumber is only needed to install the pipes for heating and hot water on site, and we take over after that.

The first orders are in, and installations will start before the end of the year.