Heating Britain’s biggest stately home

BDR Thermea Group is propelling iconic Wentworth Woodhouse into the 21st century with a new, state-of-the-art heating system. Potterton Commercial, part of our Baxi Heating business in the UK, has been chosen to carry out the prestigious task, suppling two of its Sirius 3 FS 150 boilers.

Marble saloon

Built between 1725 and 1750, the Georgian mansion is Britain’s largest private home and an architectural jewel. Set in the heart of Yorkshire, Wentworth Woodhouse has formed the backdrop to many film and TV productions, including Darkest Hour and Gentleman Jack. It is also open to the public, with guided tours of the house and garden. Heating the stately home is no easy task: it has 365 rooms, almost 10 kilometres of corridor and, at 185 metres, the longest façade of any European country house.

 Rapid response

Wentworth Woodhouse is currently undergoing a 20-year and €150 million restoration plan. Heating plays a key role in protecting the fabric of historic buildings, so when the estate’s four outdated non-condensing boilers started to fail, the team reached out to Potterton Commercial. For a rapid and affordable solution, we suggested the Sirius 3 FS 150 stainless steel condensing boiler.

Julie Readman, head of the Wentworth Woodhouse estate team, explains: “We had to act fast to improve humidity levels in the house, especially in the state rooms. And we wanted our visitors to be warm once restrictions lifted and we were able to welcome them back.

“The old boilers had failed due to corrosion of parts, which couldn’t be replaced. We decided to opt for stainless steel boilers to improve their longevity,” says Julie.

The heat pump will play a key role in the future technology mix 

Reliability and efficiency

Alongside durability, reliability and efficiency were the key priorities to lower operational costs in the stately home. The Potterton Commercial Sirius 3 range offers high gross seasonal efficiencies, and stainless-steel heat exchangers for reliable and energy-efficient heat transfer. The boilers are supplied with the latest Siemens controls for improved control options. 
The new boilers are now up and running at Wentworth Woodhouse. And they’re already delivering on their efficiency promise: with just two boilers, the estate is getting more heat than from the previous four boilers. 
Woodhouse Wentworth_Sirius three_5