Taking the next step on our hydrogen journey

Hydrogen has enormous promise as a clean, safe and versatile fuel for the future. It can provide heating and hot water to homes with zero carbon emissions. And unlike electricity, it can be easily stored in large amounts for extended periods of time. In 2019, we introduced the world’s first 100% hydrogen boiler in a pilot project in Rozenburg, the Netherlands. But we’re still only at the beginning of our journey.

To help hydrogen reach its full potential, we have to work with our partners in the energy sector –  utilities, grid operators, building-owners and end-users – to learn more about the wide-scale production, distribution and practical application of hydrogen in the energy mix. We need to work together to realise the possibilities of clean energy sources like hydrogen, helping to make the energy transition a reality. 

Now, we’re making important progress on our journey with three new hydrogen projects starting in the Netherlands. 

The projects will see us work with local communities, grid operators and energy suppliers. Each explores its own unique challenges for the use of hydrogen – from converting existing gas grids and connecting homes to hydrogen, to making hydrogen work in historic buildings. 

“We see great potential for hydrogen, but we need to learn much more about its practical applications. Together with our partners, these three projects will help us take the next step on our journey, giving us the knowledge and experience we need to take hydrogen further,” says Arthur van Schayk, Managing Director Remeha Benelux.


“We see great potential for hydrogen, but we need to learn much more about its practical applications.” 

Arthur van Schayk | Managing Director Remeha Benelux

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From gas to hydrogen in Uithoorn
In the northern Dutch city of Uithoorn, grid operator Stedin is converting 15 vacant houses from natural gas to hydrogen. The existing natural gas network of the houses, which are up for demolition, will be adapted to supply hydrogen for heating purposes. Our Remeha Hydra boiler – the first 100% hydrogen boiler in the world – will be installed in a number of the houses for a two-week trial. This experiment will give us important knowledge and experience of converting existing gas networks, without disturbing local residents or the surroundings.

A model home of the future 
This autumn, the Dutch city of Apeldoorn will see its first hydrogen model home become a reality. The ‘hydrogen house’ is equipped with Remeha’s Hydra boiler and serves as a training location. The project is an initiative of the grid operator Alliander and certifying body Kiwa. It offers a real-life setting for professionals to learn how to connect homes to the hydrogen grid and for Remeha installers to get hands-on experience of installing hydrogen boilers.
Re-energising older homes 
In the historic Berkeloord district in the village of Lochem, a cluster of old and historic homes will soon be heated by state-of-the-art hydrogen technology. The pioneering project is an initiative from local residents, grid operator Alliander and local energy cooperation LochemEnergie, with Remeha supplying its hydrogen boiler. Starting in the summer of 2021, the three-year project will provide important lessons for how to transfer older homes to all-new hydrogen heating.