Pure hydrogen boiler powers French community

The historic commune of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire has made history with a leap into the low-carbon future: the BDR Thermea 100% hydrogen boiler - the first of its kind in France – has now been installed and is ready for use as part of Châteauneuf’s local energy transition.


The 100% hydrogen boiler is part of the award-winning Ilot@ge project, whose name stands for local initiative for the energy transition. The project is the brainchild of Châteauneuf’s forward-thinking mayor, Bernard Laget, who envisioned the creation of a local loop of green energy to power the commune of 1,600 people.

To execute the project, BDR Thermea worked in close collaboration with SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire – a joint venture between municipal authorities of the Loire to achieve electrification throughout its territory, particularly in rural areas.

As with all pioneering projects, realising this hydrogen boiler isn’t something that happened overnight. It took months of preparation and a team of experts working closely together to make it happen.

“Getting our hydrogen boiler ready for use in Châteauneuf has been a team effort,” says Fabrice Shoshany, Sales, Marketing and Services Director at BDR Thermea France.The French field test team, with the help from an engineer and technician, were supported remotely by R&D colleagues at our Bassano plant in Italy.”

The hydrogen boiler is powered by 100% renewable sources. Châteauneuf generates wind and solar energy that is stored as green hydrogen to meet residents’ needs for home heating and mobility.