Unlocking Europe hybrid heating potential

BDR Thermea and its coalition partners at Hybrid Heating Europe are urging Europe to scale up on hybrid heating solutions to reach its climate goals. In a joint vision paper, the coalition makes the case for the use of hybrid technologies as an easy and affordable stepping stone towards achieving the decarbonisation of buildings.


Industry coalition looks to hybrid solutions as Europe pushes for climate neutrality 

Hybrid Heating Europe is a coalition of 12 companies in the gas and electricity infrastructure, comprising – alongside BDR Thermea – Bosch Thermotechnology, Danish Gas Technology Centre, ENPLUS, E.ON, EWE NETZ, GRDF, Groupe Atlantic, GRTgaz, Gasunie, Stedin and Viessmann. In its first joint paper, the coalition sets out the benefits of combining gas boilers with electric heat pumps to heat homes. 

Buildings are one of the largest energy consumers in Europe, responsible for more than one-third of the EU’s emissions. Improving their energy efficiency is key to meeting Europe’s climate goals, as set out in European Commission’s Renovation Wave Strategy. The installation of electric heat pumps is considered an important and effective way to meet the EU’s emissions reduction targets by at least 55% in 2030. But they need large renovation budgets, take time to install, and put constraints on the energy grid.