New data-driven remote service offers Baxi UK customers 24/7 support

Our Baxi Heating business has gone live in the UK with a new connected remote service proposition that harnesses digital technology to deliver more effective and proactive customer support for one of its most popular boilers. The subscription-based service offering, available to existing and new service contract customers, enables 24/7 monitoring and remote maintenance for faster, more efficient service.

Intuitive and pre-emptive, the new proposition solves potential issues with the boiler before it becomes an actual problem that causes interruption and discomfort. It also keeps customers up to date on upcoming services or maintenance needs.

2021-04-01 Steven Eales_2

“This is about offering improved customer service – and ultimately peace of mind,” says Steven Eales, Digital Product Manager, Baxi Heating.

“If customers experience a problem, we can act proactively to solve the issue remotely if possible, or get it right first-time if a call-out is required. Customers will also receive a monthly update on the status and performance of their boiler.”