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Focused on quality, safety and performance

Our highly experienced team of experts is at the cutting edge of heat pump technology. Focused on quality, safety and performance, we are helping to advance the use of heat pumps in residential and commercial buildings.

Reducing the carbon footprint of heating and cooling buildings is essential as national governments strive to achieve ambitious climate targets.

Our products are designed to give the best performance and safety for installers and end users. When we create new products, this focus guides our work. We support installers with clear user guides, tutorials, tips and schematics.

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reduce climate
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Creating value for installers and end-users

The most reliable and sustainable heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming the preferred sustainable heating solution for users in most European markets, with air-to-water heat pumps being the most frequently installed.



Driving change with innovative technologies

Shaping the future of the energy transition

At our Heat Pumps Competence Centre, our engineers are advancing heat pump technology with skills in thermal, thermodynamic, aeraulic, acoustic, vibration, simulation, digital and AI technologies.


Heat Pumps Competence Centre: our dedicated laboratory for developing, testing and certifying heat pump technology

With our specialists at the Heat Pumps Competence Centre, we are at the heart of all heat pump technology. Through rigorous testing, research and development, we ensure our customers have the perfect products for their needs. Heat pumps Competence Centre is already equipped with climatic and acoustic test rooms, that is going to double - with higher capacity – coming into operation in 2021.


Working for a clean energy future

A team at the forefront of the energy transition

Our people are powered by a clear purpose - to create advanced technological solutions that address the most urgent climate challenges of our time.

“We involve our customers throughout the development process”

Jon Cockburn - Marketing and Product Management Manager |  Heat Pumps Competence Center


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