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Thermal comfort

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We are heating technology pioneers

Creating the world's most reliable and sustainable heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming the preferred sustainable heating solution for users in most European markets, with air-to-water heat pumps being the most frequently installed.

Some markets like Italy, France and Spain, already have a lot of heat pumps installed. Others are less advanced, but are seeing a huge increase in demand. It's the beginning of an exciting adventure.

At the Heat Pumps Competence Centre, we are ready for the journey and already working on solutions to meet current and future needs.

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Smart heating and cooling solutions for the home  

High-powered centralised heat pumps for residential buildings

In an apartment building, heat pumps can be installed in a cascade. This means every apartment will have its own indoor heating unit , with the main heat pump outdoor unit frequently installed on the roof. This is the most common way to install a centralized heat pump system.

The advantage of a cascade configuration is that it can provide heating and cooling, and sometimes be coupled with domestic hot water systems too. A ground source heat pump system, which transfers heat from the ground, is more expensive to install but provides a more consistent supply of energy. 

Powering commercial buildings 

Enabling large-scale installations

Demand for heat pumps is also growing in the commercial sector. As governments strive to achieve ambitious climate targets with new laws and regulations, heat pumps are increasingly seen as part of the solution.

Heat pumps are also well-suited to meet commercial needs and, at the Heat Pumps Competence Centre we are also exploring innovations in this area. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, we are well positioned to see which products work best for each customer, whatever capacity is required. 
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Thermal comfort with near-zero carbon footprint 

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