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02-100 engineers

Our expert and experienced team

We have tripled the number of engineers dedicated to heat pump innovation

With different skills in thermal, thermodynamic, aeraulic, acoustic, vibration, simulation, digital and AI technologies, our engineers work at the cutting edge of heat pump innovation.
Around one third of our engineers are based full-time in the Heat Pumps lab, where we perform all the pre-launch tests and quality checks on our products. Our engineers’ expertise ensures we can consistently deliver the best products in the market, offering the most reliable performance, durability and safety. It is key for our team to maintain detailed oversight of all testing and quality control, as it provides our customers with peace of mind and delivers the right product for their needs. We have invested in new climatic and acoustic test rooms, to boost our testing capabilities, and we plan to add more climatic rooms with higher capacity, during 2021.

With these new testing facilities, we are committed to excellence throughout the product cycle, from the first idea to market launch.

We live in a connected world. Let's work together for a sustainable future!

Our Heat Pumps Competence Center (BDU)

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Our key innovations

New tools to make life easier

Our Heat Pumps Competence Centre team is continuously working on new heat pump solutions and features to help installers and end users. 
We know that fitting a heat pump is not easy and requires a high degree of skill and knowledge from our installers. We aim to facilitate the installation and save time for technicians by creating apps and devices to help them during the installation. We also develop apps and digital tools to support our customers, improving accessibility, remote control and efficiency insights, tailored to different user profiles. Developing smartphone apps and digital tools has become part of our daily business, helping our customers control their heating, cooling or water heater easily, wherever they are.

Collaborative, focused and client-oriented

We work in close partnership with gas grid providers, governments and other stakeholders to tackle the complexities of the energy transition.

 Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are not always available, making it more difficult to keep the grid balanced and maintain a reliable delivery of energy. We develop our products with this in mind.
09-murcia space

Residential buildings

New building in Murcia, Spain

Project requirements & context :
The housebuilder required the most compact heat pump available for heating and cooling 62 apartments under construction.

Our solution :
A reversible heat pump with 180-litre tank that fits in a standard kitchen cupboard. This is the most compact and competitive inverter heat pump on the market, suitable for cooling, heating and domestic hot water. An easy user interface makes it simple and convenient for the end-user.

Our value :

Strong technical support from the team makes the difference for the customer.


Residential buildings

New building in the province of Vincenza

Project requirements & context :

The customer required a complete system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water for a single new-build house. The project called for underfloor heating throughout the house, fan coil for cooling provider and the possibility to connect to solar PV panels.

Our solution :
We provided a high-capacity inverter heat pump, with the flexibility to adapt to every season. Its compact size requires a very small installation space and it comes with an unbeatable 5.0 Coefficient of Performance (COP). Smart connectivity enables convenient and unobtrusive use.

Our value :
This installation gives the customer a 30% saving on energy costs with high efficiency for cooling, heating and domestic water.


Residential buildings

Sustainable heating for swimming pool in Denekamp 

Project requirements & context :

High-capacity heating needed for a new swimming pool in the city of Denekamp.

Our solution :

We proposed a multi-services solution to meet the customer’s needs, including two high-capacity commercial heat pumps and boilers, linked to a solar panel system.

Our value :
BDR Thermea was able to meet the customer’s need for high-capacity heating at this busy public space, while meeting the need for a sustainable solution.

09-van marcke

Commercial buildings

Van Marcke’s building for the future

Project requirements & context :

New distribution centre for Van Marcke Foods.

Our solution :
The Dutch food group Van Marcke wanted sustainability built into the design of a new distribution centre. We proposed to install five high-performance heat pumps to serve the entire building.

Our value :
The customer wanted a future-facing sustainable heating solution for its new distribution centre and BDR Thermea was able to deliver the perfect product for the project.

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Our people are powered by a clear purpose - to create advanced technological solutions that address the most urgent climate challenges of our time.